When baby listens to you – from the inside and out

This big wide world can be a very overwhelming place for a new born baby; hugely different from the warm and cosy environment they have enjoyed for the last 9 months. It can be very tempting to tiptoe around young babies and not to scare them with unfamiliar sounds yet the womb is filled with loud noises and movement which they have grown accustomed to on the inside.


Babies don’t need total silence in order to settle off to sleep, in fact, quite the opposite! The sound of blood rushing through the placenta in the womb is louder than the sound of an average hoover! This is why a relatively long and loudish ‘shhhhh’ next to your baby’s ear or a well-placed white noise device is great for calming baby to sleep.


As you get used to the idea of a baby growing inside you, it’s only natural that you might start talking to her, singing lullabies to get her used to your voice. By your second trimester, baby can detect sounds from outside your body too, getting her prepared for the world she will soon enter. At around 18 weeks of pregnancy, the development and structure of your baby’s ears are established enough for her to start hearing noises, including your heartbeat and air in your lungs. By 27-30 weeks, she will start to react in response to voices and noises that filter into the womb.


The clearest sound your baby will be able to recognise is from you. Sound is transmitted through the air and then through your uterus so when you talk, albeit muffled, the sound of your voice reverberates through your bones and the rest of your body, amplifying it. Studies show that baby’s heart rate increases when she hears your voice.


Based on this, it isn’t hard to see why some babies can be a little unsettled as they get used to unmuffled noises and hearing things more clearly which is a whole new experience for them. That’s why we love our myHummy bears so much; this beautiful family of bears have been created to give your new born the security they had in the womb through sound. These unique cuddly sleep aids emit 5 types of sound: white noise, pink noise, rainfall, ocean waves and amniotic fluid complete with heartbeat, giving your baby 3 times more chance of falling asleep and staying asleep.


There are 6 bears in the myHummy family; Lily, Suzy, Maya, Lucas, Simon and Matt and they have been scientifically developed to provide a feeling of security and contentment for your baby and can be used straight from birth. With a 12-hour non-stop mode for babies who need constant white noise, they have a built in sensor to watch over your baby’s sleep which triggers if they stir or background noise is detected. Sound fades after an hour. These amazing bears help baby to settle and sleep better right from birth. myHummy bears are safe to machine wash after removing the sound heart which is stored is a handy Velcro pocket. Take a look at the full product details here: https://www.chic-petit.co.uk/collections/sleep-aids/products/myhummy-baby-bear-sleep-aid


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Sweet dreams little one!

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