Benefits of Early-Stage Reading

Benefits of Early-Stage Reading
It’s one of the things parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles etc. love the most. After what can be a challenging pre bedtime ritual of getting the kids in their PJs, teeth cleaned and getting under the covers comes the more idyllic moment of the bedtime story. It’s one of those wonderful things you make the most of until they are too old to want to be tucked in at night with a story of pirates, princesses or magical animals. It is a fabulous bonding moment between child and adult but does it make any difference when they are not talking themselves yet, when they don’t fully understand what you are saying? The answer is absolutely, even at the very early stages a baby picks up on way more than you realise:
Language Skills
The most obvious benefit of reading with your child from an early age is helping with the development of their language skills. A baby will pick up on sounds and eventually try to copy helping them to form words. The more this continues the better they will get on in school later down the line.
Creating Routine
Studies show that children of all ages do better on a schedule. Regulating their body clocks helps them to sleep better and wake up better.
Emotional Development
As well as mimicking sounds a baby will also mimic your facial expressions. Being expressive during story time helps a child understand what emotions are and how they should demonstrate how they are feeling.
Probably the most wonderful thing about story time, the bonding. That one on one time with your child is priceless. You are creating your own little bubble of warmth and safety a child craves. Giving them strength and a feeling of love and understanding that will help your long term bond.
Start small with shapes and texture books and develop as they get older. As your child begins to talk they will want to join in taking their development to the next level. We love story time at Chic Petit. We have a collection of books available on our website that support the earlier stages of bedtime reading. Take a look and start creating memories with the most amazing benefits with your little ones.


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