Are Llamas the new Unicorns?

These weird yet wonderful creatures are a real hit with kids
Nowadays, you don’t have to look too hard to find a llama, we aren’t necessarily talking real ones, we are talking about use of the llama image in everyday life and especially when it comes to gifts. There is something loveable about llamas who are making their way from farmyard tales to the mass accessories market. A firm favourite with children everywhere, llama-mania is here! From cookies and cupcake toppers, pillows, bed sets, plant pots, coffee mugs, to snow globes, rugs, tea towels, oven mitts, PJs, stationery, cutlery and dinnerware…not to mention the toys!
When you think of Christmas there's a whole list of other, more traditional, animals you’d probably associate with the season such as Santa's magical reindeers and according to the nativity there's a donkey, the camels the three wise men rode on, an ox and sheep. The mouse in the opening lines of ‘The Night Before Christmas’ even gets a mention…but no sign of a Christmas llama! It must be down to the play on words from Christmas carol ‘Dec the halls’ as you’ll see ‘fa la la la llama’ printed on everything!
Whichever way this llama craze has come about, it looks like they are here to stay! These loveable llamas are a South American relative of the camel, although they don’t have a hump, originate in Peru and are a domesticated version of the guanaco. Llamas should not be confused with their cousin the alpaca! Llama’s easy-going nature means they are prized pets as well as cattle and are known for being smart, gentle, easy to train, and helpful with transportation. They are incredibly good at carrying heavy loads, but they know their limits and will actually refuse to move if they think the load is too heavy – they can be quite stubborn characters with a penchant for spitting when a bit hacked off!
If you are in doubt that the llama could dethrone the unicorn as the trendiest creature, be aware that unicorn searches on Pinterest have declined by 10%, according to the BBC. Recent data from Pinterest shows that saves for ‘llama décor’ are up 1,094% year over year. Competition is fierce, as Hasbro even launched a Unicorns vs Llamas version of Monopoly in 2020!
These weird-looking creatures are a real hit with kids everywhere and that’s why we’ve introduced our personalised rocking llama just in time for Christmas. Suitable to cuddle and ride on from 9 months+, our llama has a soft, fluffy coat and scrunchy ears and the rocking cradle can be personalised for that extra special touch.
And remember that llamas won’t budge if their load is too heavy, so that’s why we recommend only children who are under 20kg are able to ride.
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Yee-ha! And off we go!

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